About me 

My name is Miriam and I am German with Eritrean roots. As a traveler and tourism expert, I unfortunately had to realize from my own experience that traveling as a PoC is associated with racism all over the world, which creates more challenges. I learned that traveling as a black person involves different rules.

Mission: However, frustration with the lack of different travel perspectives should not be an obstacle for passionate world explorers. So it's time to change the game, and if necessary, the players. An Afrodiaspora-friendly travel company ensures greater inclusion. For this reason, my company focuses on travel for PoC and aims to create a safe place for black travelers.

Goal: My goal is to be your trustworthy contact person in the German speaking area. This platform serves as an information and exchange point for traveling PoC's. Through cooperation with other afro-diasporic service providers, there are comprehensive and need-based leisure and travel offers.